Do you have to understand everything when reading the Quran? Because I have been told that there is no point in reciting the Quran if you don’t understand it. My questions:
1- Do you have to literally understand the Quran when reciting it? (as in understand every word)
2- Do you have to understand the context of each verse you recite? (as in when the verse was revealed and why)
3- Do you have to know the tafseer/ta’weel of each verse when reciting?

You don’t have to understand every word and its tafsir/context for it to qualify as recitation of the Qur’an.

However, the more you understand those three aspects you mentioned, the more you will benefit from the Qur’an and the greater reward you will receive when reciting it. Hence, it’s highly recommended for you to try to understand the entire Qur’an, even if it takes you years to do so. Learn 2-3 verses every day.