Do you know if mysticism is real? I’ve read the story of a “mystic martyr” who had contact with Imam Zaman (aj), had knowledge of the unseen, spiritual ascensions (miraj), and blessed supplications. Is this possible for regular people? And if so, how does one reach that point?

1- It is possible to reach such a point. It doesn’t mean all the stories passed down about such people are all true and accurate, but it is definitely possible to have such people.

2- One can achieve such a high rank by dedicating every action for Allah, by removing all arrogance from the heart, by avoiding all sins, by truly feeling the pain of Imam Zaman’s absence and also thinking of him and praying for him regularly, and by serving believers and sacrificing for them. If one manages to fully let go of their ego and truly be servants of Allah in everything that they do, then reaching such a point becomes possible.