Doctors have restricted diabetic patients to fast. Do they have to remove fidya for their fasts? And what about keeping qadha fasts?

Not every diabetic is affected by fasting, rather it is up to the person’s discretion. If he is able to organize the taking of insulin, so that he can take it before the start of the fast, fast, then take the second dose at breakfast, and he does not need to take a dose or to eat during the day Drinking, he must fast.
But if this is not possible, and fasting is harmful to him, then he must break the fast, and if he is able to make up after the month of Ramadan until the month of Ramadan that follows it, by fasting during the winter period, for example, when the day is short, then he must do that, and if he is not able also The fasting is forfeited, and the fidyah is required, which is to feed one poor person for every day with 750 grams of rice, flour or dates, which equals 22.5 kilograms for the whole month.