Does doubting about passing gas during namaz makes it baatil? Because I have been this issue of doubt for few years and I always redo my namaz about 5 times.

I dont know if I really have a ilness or its just shaytan that disturb me.
I already did a treatment and take medicine but its the same problem

I know the importance of salat and I am always trying to pray at time but this problem just make me really sad because I am really scared if its the fact that Allah (swt) don’t want to listen my voice? I dont know what to do.
I still making many duas, isteghfar and seek help from the Ahlul Bayt(as) ..

Shaytan always tries to mess up with those who have love of Allah swt in their heart. So please ignore the doubts totally and act upon the certainty. Therefore if you are not sure that your wodhu broke or not you can carry on your worship and say no nothing came out. Even if you feel some kind of movement or feeling of wind in the passing of the wind area. Because many times due to the area being sensitive many have complained certain sensation or hair movements or feeling of leaking wind and so on. All such must be ignored.