Does Eid-e-Zahra(sa) technically begin once evening sets in? For example, people will mourn till the Maghreb time and then start wishing Eid-e-Zahra(sa) Mubarak to each other. They say that’s because in the Islamic calendar the night for 9th Rabbi-up-Awwal begins once Maghreb sets in. Is this Islamically correct? Are there any Hadees from the Ahlulbayt(as) about it? Or do we wait till the next morning to wish Eid Mubarak to everyone. It feels a bit odd because it’s the evening of the same day according to the solar calendar and we’re thinking it’s still the martyrdom day of the 11th Imam(as) but people start wishing Eid Mubarak to each other. Please advise.

The day ends with sunset and that’s the evening of the new day. Like Thursday night is considered the evening of Friday