During ayam e aza may we go to see and congratulate the haaji especially those who belong to other sects or are munkir e wilayat? if its shar'an allowed, should we promote this or not??
its custom in my family not to congratulate on any event, whatever it is. but I had a little bit conflict with my shia coworker, who was in favour of visiting and congratulating a hajji, considering it a deeni congratulations not worldly along with the importance of visiting a haaji with in 40 days ..
We meet our hajji in majalis if they arrive in moharram without congratulations.
Infact My other coworkers respect my views+ aqaed and even such acts by my side have become a source of spreading the message of Karbala and introducing them ((except some)) with Imam e Zmana as

It’s always better not to celebrate or congratulate someone during days and nights of Aza. However, if the person is (from another sect), there is no harm going to greet and welcome him but not to take long there