During the days of mourning (2 months and 8 days as culturally commemorated in Pakistan) or ayyam al Fatimiyah (20 days), my wife believes that she should not wear good clothes or do any make up even for the sake of her husband. As a result she remains unattractive towards her husband who feels offended by her appearance. I think expressing signs of grief during 10 days of muharram and only on shahadat days are appreciated as we are followers of Ahlul Bayt a.s, but not wearing good clothes for longer periods does not seem logical. Can you please shed some light on this issue so that I can guide my wife?

Yes you’re correct. There is nothing in Islamic teachings or practice of Ahlulbayt that says for two months one should be in this state.

It is highly advisable for the wife to be attractive to her husband and clean at all times, but not on specific days of Shahadat of Ahlulbayt (eg actual day of martyrdom only)