During this month of Ramadhan, I have not yet attended any Majalis or jamaat prayers, mostly due to the fact that I would be leaving my mother home by herself. She has raised me and my two brothers almost singlehandedly. She is healthy, Alhamdulilah, so she does not need my presence for anything that is of real importance. I do however assist her with small tech problems that come up now and again.
Is it possible that assisting my mother with such small things and just being good company to her, could be weightier that Jamaat prayer or attending a Majlis?
Also, is it bad akhlaq to leave her alone at home?…. even though she would never wish to prevent me from going out to pray?….or to eat at the masjid, even though she cooks for the both of us?

It’s not binding on you to go to the Islamic center although there is a lot of benefit in attending.

There is a high reward for taking care of ones parents.