Ever since I was young I've been hearing that not praying = hell. I'm a youth living in the west, I try my best to be a really good person in all aspects but I'm having extremely difficulty praying. I don't understand how non Muslims can be at a good standing if they are good human beings but as a Muslim being a good person is not sufficient because by not praying I'm not able to accumulate any thawaab. I'm very confused and this often pushes me away from religion. Please help me out.

Prayers had benefits in this world and next. It’s the foundation of faith. The fact that people who don’t pray are seemingly successful doesn’t mean they are truly happy or enjoy success in the eyes of God since it’s about both worlds.

Try to understand why we pray. Read books about it and enjoy speaking to Allah. It’s a way of saying thanks to Him for all the blessings. It’s also a protection against vice according to Quran. It’s spiritually uplifting and recharging. If it wasn’t good for us God would not have made it wajib. Hence there is real benefit. By not praying we miss out greatly, and ofcourse as Muslims we must obey God to attain success.