Following are the questions. Please give detailed answers as I need to convince my son who is a teenager. These are his doubts, concerns put together.
Question 1
When Allah made Adam a.s. he asked all the angels and jins to bow to him but as per Islam we should not do sajdah to anyone except Allah. So the instructions of Allah to angels and jins to bow to Adam a.s. seems contradictory

Question 2
When the jin refused to do the sajdah Allah banished him but also rewarded him with the freedom to trouble and mislead the entire mankind till the end of time. Why reward one Jin with so much power that he can corrupt the whole world from beginning till end of time. Today every crime and every problem we see is because of that. This is like rewarding one person and making life miserable for billion and billions of people.

Question 3
This is a continuation of question 2. The issue was between Allah and the disobedient jinn. The jin got the power to spread corruption of morality. The mankind is suffering for that and to top it all every human being will also be asked to reply for his misdeeds and punished for his misdeeds which actually are the cause of the issue between Allah and the jinn.

This does not seem fair. First you give power to someone to spoil others and then you punish the others for getting spoilt

Question 4
Adam a.s. and Eve a.s. were pure souls until they are the fruit of a particular tree. Eating this fruit caused immorality in them. This immorality continued down the line in every human being who descended from Adam a.s. And we will all be punished for our immoral actions. These immoral actions are because of the immorality of the fruit that Adam a.s. ate.

On the other hand we have been taught that at the time of qiyamat every one will be responsible for their own actions. Father will not reply for son and mother will not reply for daughter. If that is the case then this immorality has come in all of us due to Adam a s. Eating that that fruit and the misguiding of the disobedient jinn

So why will be asked to reply for something which is genetic and done by Adam a.

Alaykum assalm,
A1. When it is obedience to Allah's order, it is for God. Hence, because the prostration of the Angels to Adam (as) was obedience to the order of Allah Almighty, it is prostration and submission to Allah, not the prostration of worship of Adam (as). Allah (swt) has the right to say do and do not, and we have to obey him, and to do so, and have no choice for objection.

A2. It was not a reward for Satan for disobeying him, but for his former worship, because Allah Almighty does not waste good work. On the other hand, it is a test for the sons of Adam, and there is no injustice to the human being, Satan does not and cannot control or force them, except if they want to be controlled by him, because Allah Almighty warned them, and forbade them to obey him, and explained to them everything, and made it clear that who follow him is the loser.
Let me give you an example:
If you warned a person not to go on this way, and made it clear to him that there are thieves and murderers, stealing from their passing and killing him, but he did not listen to your warning, and got stolen and killed, are you responsible for what happened to him? Another example:
If you know that you must sit an exam at the end of the school year, and if you do not study, you will fail, repeat the year, and may be expelled from the university or school, and in spite of this, you neglected and not studied, and expelled from school, who is responsible, aren't you responsible?
Q3 answered in A2.

A4. This is a misunderstanding, Adam's eating from the tree did not cause immorality. It was a fall in the test, and he bear the consequence of the fall.
We are neither responsible nor accounted for what he did. We are responsible and accounted for the actions we do, and we know we are forbidden to do, and we have the power and strength to leave, But due to our bad choice and following our desires, do it. You see, if your father forbid you doing something, and he told you clearly: do not to do this thing, and if you did, I'd punish you, and if you did not, I'll reward you, and you deliberately did what asked you not to do, and disobeyed your father. Do not you deserve the punishment?
We see this in our daily lives, the violation of the law causes the offender to pay a fine or to enter the prison, for the offence which he is capable of not committing, is the judge considered unjust if he imprisoned him for his doing?