Following the death of two parents, five siblings (one brother and four sisters) were entitled to their shares of the inheritance, in accordance with Sharia. Their estate was not divided between their children and continued to be held by their only son. When the son died, his sisters did not receive their shares. Instead their nephew refused to distribute the inheritance.

The grandson did however state that the remaining siblings (all sisters) should share the possessions of his grandmother between them. Having taken stock of the possessions, the sisters found some items of financial value e.g. jewelry and money.
The question is:
Are the sisters obligated to share their mother’s possessions with their nephew?
If they should share these possessions, how do they need to split this inheritance?

The sisters can take the brothers share and divided it between themselves because their share in the father's inheritance was taken by the brother. However if the sisters have forgiven their share in the father's inheritance, then they have to give the brothers share (to his inheritors)