For a Boy or Girl to marry or get Married:
1. Is it Must (Wajib) to get Permission from Both Parents .
2. What if one of the Parent agree and other doesn’t agree
3. What if the Parent doesn’t agree or are not happy with the choice or selection of their son or daughter without any Substantial reason

4. If the Son or Daughter goes and Marries a a spouse of his choice without Parents approval will they be sinning ? What if later parents might accept.
5. If one already had a Sexual relationship with a Girl and then decides to marry her, is it fine? Is his sin compensated.
6. Can he marry her if she has become pregnant?

1-3) Only the Father’s permission is needed in the case of a girl unless the father’s refusal is not based on Islamic reasoning.

4) If a girl goes and marries her self without the father’s consent in that event the marriage is not valid unless:
– She is totally independent of her dad.

– She spends on herself

-And the father’s refusal is not based on Islamic reasoning

5&6) Yes he can but that does not make the conception and the baby legitimate after you marry her