For men living in the west, where almost all women are all immodestly dressed in revealing clothing while in public- what is the best course of action in fulfilling the obligation of lowering the gaze?

Should a believing man be looking down as soon as he leaves his house in order to be fulfilling the best ethics and requirements of his religion?

Please if you could provide some guidance towards the code of conduct for men in this regard it would be appreciated greatly.

Forbidden looking is looking with lust, but a fleeting look, or one that is not lustful, is not forbidden.
Of course, life in these societies is difficult, and requires a great deal of piety and self-striving. The best solution is marriage.
If you can get a permanent marriage, then this is excellent, and if it is not possible, then a temporary marriage. This is if you fear yourself from falling into the forbidden.
I pray to Allah Almighty to protect you and increase you in faith and piety