For the past two or three years ago, i guess because of changing trends of clothes, people started being rude to me, i wasn't big on wearing trendy clothes, but after the weirdness, I started to wear trendy clothes. Alhumdulillah the problem went down. Then i started to gain some weight, people would treat me somewhat weird. I am tired of the discrimination and weird treatment by people ,and i am sensitive to the slightest things. So what can i do to make the problem go away once and for all. Is there a dua you can give me to recite in order so i dont look weird or dua to gain respect, or dua to remove peoples weird behaviours?

You have to change your view about this world, it's a temporary place, and actual is Akhrat, so we have to live according to that. Wearing and lifestyle is OK if it's in boundaries of Islam, rest about people so we cannot make every single person be happy with us.
It's better to do such things that makes Allah Subhnatala happy, He can change the behavior of people, so reduce ur sensitivity, live your own, do pray punctual and read hades e kisa once a week