Forgive me but I am confused as to who is asking him – is it the person who has an intention to do something who is asking the pious person? Additionally, why would we leave the decisions in the hands of someone who is putting their hand on any such Ayah, when we have done the research and work ourselves? Don’t we have to tie our camel and trust Allah?

And what’s the difference between a pious person doing it versus a non pious person?

1- Yes the one who has made the intention asks the scholar for a Kheera and the scholar is inspired to know what his intention is without the person telling him.

2- Normally is a Kheera is done when a person is unable to make a decision or “tie a camel.” A person researches and makes the effort, but sometimes he is still stuck and hesitant. In these cases a person takes a kheera.

3- The Kheera of a pious person is more likely to come out as being accurate and effective.