Had a question about food ingredients

1) For non meat products, are we suppose to check the ingredients all the time, for ingredients that may have alcohol or animal material or something not allowed

2) I was look at ingredients of nuts and it said it may have some fish ingredients. Upon research, it looked it the fish food category was inclusive of haraam fish am I allowed to eat these nuts ?

3) About Qiblah : after seeing the direction can I pray everyday at home without having to use a compass to exactly see the direction when I know the direction by head but not 100%

1) You should check the ingredients on a product you don’t usually consume, but this doesn’t mean to contact the company, so on and so forth. If it is non meat, there is no obligation as long as you feel satisfied that this product would not contain meat products.

2) You should avoid eating these nuts.

3) Yes, as long as you are facing the direction of the Qibla within the quadrant angle of the direction.