Have Imam's created something? Or can they create something? Also can Prophets create or have created something? What about Prophet Eesaa a.s creating a bird with just 2 letters from Ism e Aazam?

In Nahj al balagha, Imam a.s says Allah azwj created us and we created all the Humans. How reliable is that?

The one and only creator is Allah. Prophets and Imams are Greatest and most sincere servants ever created by God. Prophet ISSAH (as) did what he did through the permission of Allah. It was one of his miracles. Allah is the one and only Absolute Creator and no one else.

Creation in Nahj AlBalagha doesn’t means literal creation. It simply means We the Ahlulbayt are Allah’s highest manifestations on the earth. And we are Allah’s prove over all His creations