Heard a video of zakir naik where he said there is no shia and sunni in quran. Just be muslim, obey Allah(swt) and His messenger(pbuh) and hold on to the rope of Allah (swt) and do not get divided into sects. Prophet said there will 73sects in islam and whoever creates a sect is not following quran.
So what should we answer for this?
And he says Prophet was not Shia or Sunni, he was a Muslim.
From when did shiaism started? Which the sect which wil enter Paradise? What should we give a reply to this if someone tell these things?

So how does this “Muslim” prayer look like? Does one cross his hands in it? Does one pray on the carpet?

When we say we are Shia, it means we are Muslims who get our prophetic teachings from the Ahlulbayt. That’s what it means. Yes the Prophet was Muslim, but how do we follow him? He himself in authentic hadiths said: Ali and his Shia are the victorious ones. Shia just means “follower,” and so we follow Imam Ali after the Prophet. So we are Muslims who get our teachings from the Prophet’s family.