How can we get close to imam mehdi . what are the deeds and amal

The most important thing in this concern is first of all we should check ourselves and find how much we are having thirst to see our beloved Imam. Secondly we should purify our souls from all sorts of evil example if anyone has Hasad, Keena,Bughz in his heart then how he/she can face Imam even if it became possible to see him. Thirdly we have to follow the most important teaching of Islam simply it can be said that we have to follow Wajebaat and refrain from Moharramat. And lastly we should recite recommended Duas eg Dua e Ahad and Dua e Nudba and sit in a corner cry for the oppressive and tyranny act done by enemies of Islam against the Islam and ask Allah to hasten our Imam’s Reappearance and ask Our Imam to make possible his appearance for us. Because Imam loves his true followers and always ready to help them. We all have seen our Imam but due to a certain hijab (barrier) we can’t recognise him. So we have remove this barrier and for that we have to achieve true cognizant(marefat) to our imam.May Allah fulfil our wish and make it possible to see our Imam and hasten his appearance as soon as possible.