How did Lady Fatima SA perform her social responsibilities? Kindly share some examples?

As you know at that time the custom and system of the society was bit different from today but of course she was doing many things indirectly in her family which was of course related to a society for example teaching her children, assisting her husband by advising and helping him both mentally and physically. Most importantly, she created a nice and peaceful atmosphere inside the house so that Imam Ali (a.s) could deal his outside duties without any worry.

Today with the culture that a woman should also work and earn some money so that a family can be run easily, one can easily find the consequences of this in the western world where one and half year child a goes to a “daycare” and having an atmosphere totally against the principles of Islam and later on the same child has a different mind set then one can realise what is the importance of a mother and her role in a family. Unfortunately today if you discuss this with anybody people would say you are backwards and you won’t get success with this thought in near future. But again there is a question which type of future we are looking for, a robotic future or a spiritually strong generation?

Therefore we can say Lady Fatima (s.a) when she came to Imam Ali(a.s) the day one she said O Ali from now you deal outside affairs and I’ll will inside affairs. This is the best way we can have a balanced generation.