How do we preform ruku and sajda properly?

The Holy Prophet (S) also said,

“The prayer of one who performs Rukū’ and as-Sajda properly goes up in a condition of illumination and splendour. The doors of heaven open wide to accept it and the Prayer says, ‘You have protected me, may Allah (S.w.T.) protect you. The angels say, ‘Mercy and Grace of Allah be on the one who has performed this prayer. But if the prayer is not performed properly it rises up in a state of darkness and the door of heaven slams on it and the prayer says, ‘You have wasted me, may Allah waste you.’ And the Prayer is thrown at his face.

The correct way to perform Ruku is a person should keep his both palms on his both knees and press it towards outside and bend his back up 90 degree.
For sajdah he should keep seven body parts properly on the ground ( forehead, 2 palms, 2 knees and 2 toes. All should touch the ground clearly. Mustahab is the ones tip of nose should also touches the ground. For Sajdah the place must be Dry and Pak it should not be uphill from the ground where a persons toes touched the ground more than the height of four fingers. Sajda place should not be as much as soft that when a person put his forehead it goes inside.