How do you answer the question "If God is real why does he allow evil?" to a Non Muslim without saying that he is the best of planners which we as Muslim understand but non-muslims cannot or may not

Pain and suffering, poverty and diseases, inequality and injustice, oppression, and evil despite God’s mercy, cannot be explained, if one does not believe in the hereafter.If reward and punishment is limited to this world, and there is no reckoning and day of judgment, it would be impossible to understand God’s mercy and justice within the boundaries of the consequences in this world . The only way you can explain why God allows it in this world is by reminding them of the fact that this world is only temporary and the real rewards and punishments are in the here after. Therefore, people suffering in this world would be rewarded for their patience, and persistence on faith and calling upon God. Those on the other hand, who have been given wealth and power would be rewarded or punished based on how they use their positions, power, and wealth