How does a wife stop her husband from having very dirty sexual thoughts of *censored*? Please note that these are only thoughts and sexual fantasies. However, as thoughts turn into actions, that time may not be far when these fantasies may turn into reality, because shaitan has a great impact like that.
So can you tell me any dua, or Quranic amaal to expel these whisperings of shaitaan from ones husbands mind.

1- Everyday ask Allah to remove these thoughts from his mind. Don’t underestimate the power of Du’a.

2- Try to find out what’s causing such fantasies. Sometimes a man has certain sexual urges that need to be fulfilled and if they are, the fantasies decrease. Ask him what can you do for him that’s halal.

3- Remind him that this act is a grave sin in Allah’s eyes. It’s one of the worst sins. By being reminded hopefully such thoughts will decrease.

4- Have him recite Ziyara Ashura everyday if possible.

5- Have him say La ilaha illa Allah 100 times a day. It’s very effective.

May Allah help him overcome such thoughts.