How does one correctly purify something that has become najis with urine? Is this method correct?

1.) Remove intrinsic najasah with wet tissue paper.

2.) Pour qalil water over najis area once.

3.) Remove used water with towel.

Q1.) Is the area now pure even if there is residual wetness?

Q2.) Is the towel third muttanajis?

Q3.) Is it sufficient to purify the towel by wringing it then wetting it under the tap then wringing it again?

If the affected area is solid, then what mentioned is enough.
If it is carpet, then it needsto be washed once more after wiping it.
The used towel is second mutanajjis while it is wet.
After it gets dried,it becomes third.
Q3. Just wetting it is not enough, it must be washed