How does one go about understanding the purpose/goal of our lives? Generally it feels like we are all chasing stability in both wordly and spiritual life, but is that it? Do we spend our lives just working, attending majalis, praying, doing our house chores, trying to be more successful in our career? If we were to die like this, chasing the stability our whole lives and die while trying to do that, have we achieved Allah’s pleasure? What should be our ultimate goals in life to then die with contentment that we tried to fulfil what our duty was? Its hard to put things into perspective especially when the world revolves around being financially stable to be able to live and sustain ourselves.

The purpose of our lives is to know Allah and gain closeness to Him. The challenge is to do so while living this life, meeting our needs and achieving successes. This begins with fulfilling our obligation to Allah and through it ascending. This last part is the key, while working for this life, how do we ascend to become better human beings and more spiritually enlightened?