How does one tell a sibling that they don’t want to attend there wedding as their will be music, I think throughout the whole wedding until they may talk. I also think there may dance at the end as I attended a cousins wedding in the past, they had that. The sibling said it will be similar to that cousins wedding. My family are not religious and I have been blessed to follow the path of the Ahlulbayt (as). I have gone in the past to cousin wedding and I felt bad attending, as I did not know that it would happen. I have nothing against my sibling and are happy for them to start a new life of marriage. I don’t want to attend as I don’t want to put myself in an position that disobeys Allah swt. I also don’t feel comfortable attending, it will cost a lot of expense to actual attend the venue as it is out of London. I don’t feel comfortable as I will be the only one wearing a hijab, I am proud of wearing my hijab, but not attending a function like this. The sibling may cause an grudge as they may not want to talk to me for not attending the wedding. We are not close siblings. I know that you need to keep good relationship with family members even if you don’t get along with them, at least the minimum.

You are under no obligation to attend. You can call your sibling getting married wish them the best and explain to them that you can’t attend not because you don’t want to but due the the nature of the event and what will take place.