How to guide your children from the shaytan ages 14,boy 15 girl from influential friends that they make? A lot of parents are so busy with work to make money and don’t pay attention to their children and what they do as I do not work and I see many things that is not good for their hereafter. I cannot guide these many children but the influence is really overwhelming. I want to move from my city to make another move eventually out of western world to not lose them to shaytan for I do not have family that follow. As for my husband he has but always busy same thing work both leave kids. Please help

Indeed one of the most important act of worship is upbringing of our children. Children are trusts from Allah and parents will be questioned on how they raised their children.
Both father and mother are equally responsible.
Consider the following points:
1. Let your children see in you what you want to see in them
2. Show priority to their madrassah studies
3. You and your husband should invest your time in teaching them Islamic values at home.
4. Always take them to Islamic programs
5. If you feel the environment is harmful, there is no harm in moving to more suitable and convenient environment for their upbringing