How to guide your children from the shaytan ages 14,boy 15 girl from influential friends that they make? A lot of parents are so busy with work to make money and don’t pay attention to their children and what they do. As I do not work I see many things that is not good for their hereafter, I cannot guide these many children but the influence is really overwhelming. I want to move from my city to make another move eventually out of western world to not lose them to shaytan for I do not have family that follow. As for my husband he has but always busy. Same thing- work both leave kids. Please help.

1- Try to do amaal which you expect from kids.
2- Take them to majlis.
3- Arrange majlis at home and always teach them to do majlis work like servants.
4- Respect your inlaws in front of your kids and ask your husband to respect his inlaws in front of kids.
5- Arrange family dinner and lunch as per your convenience.
6- Recite awwal waqt namaz and take them to family picnics and outing.
6- Never argue or fight or shout on your husband / wife in front of kids. Spouses should respect each other in front of kids
these are some general solutions .