How to reflect on Something, (e. g what you learn, etc.), I don't know how to do taffakur

Before going to this journey, first of all you have to know exactly what does thought mean and what do we know about it. Please read below and understand what is Tafakkur mean inshallah I hope you will get your answer:

Mystics consider thought to be the first part of the inner state and the starting point of mystical journey and behavior and have said that travel is of two types:
1- One of the mold travels that takes place in the world of Asfal (material world) and its destination is objects, people and worships, and this type of travel needs mobility and its mechanism is stepping from one place to another.
2- The second is the journey of the heart in the higher world and its destination is the effects of power and the rule of industry and spirits which is done by thinking and its mechanism is insight and vision and it is also called inner journey.
In explaining the second meaning of travel, that is, thinking, there are two types of thinking: 1- The first type belongs to "head", which is the same as reasoning and reasoning.
2- The second type of thought is the heart, which belongs to the "heart," and is the dual process of disconnecting from oneself and connecting to God. The word "thinking" has two definitions, one related to the field of ethics and mysticism, and the other is the term meaning in the science of logic and logical definitions.
Ibn Sina (Avicenna) great Islamic Philosopher says the logical definition of thought: "What is meant by thought is that which is realized by man's determination to convey what is present in his mind (whether imaginary information or acknowledgment) to that which is not present in his mind."

Therefore, according to Ibn Sina, thinking is the same as the movement of the mind from its information and knowledge to the unknown, in order to discover and solve them and achieve the desired.

Abdul Razzaq Kashani says: "Know that thinking is the search for and gaining insight to achieve the truth."

Seyyed Sharif Jorjani describes thinking as follows: “Thinking is the light of the heart by which good and evil and benefits and harms of the heart are seen, and that garden is the tree of truth.

Also it has been said that the thinking is the farm (field) of the truth and causes the destruction of the worldly desires and the survival of the Hereafter, as well as it is also the source of wisdom.