how to remove jealousy ,hatred towards bad people , and other spiritual diseases from heart ? .how to purify our heart and remove love of world from it ?

Jealousy is the result of Pride and pride caused by a lack of belief in Allah. Holy Prophet (SAW) has said: Pride enters the heart like a black ant crawling over a black rock at night”
Therefore we should be very careful that if after achieving any single and simple achievement if it come in our mind that it all happened due to my own efforts then make sure that we are trapped by Shaitan to soon we have to accept that all is done due the Grace of Almighty Allah. A Jealous person has less believe in Allah because rather than relying on Allah he thinks why he/she has a good and happy life. While near Allah there is nothing less He can give to him as He has given to others.
So as much as we strengthen our belief in Allah (Teal meaning of Tawheed) we will be free from all sorts of evil and also we will not have too much attachment with this materialistic world.
Imam Husain a.s says: “ O Allah what did he find who lost you and what he lose who found you.”