Hypothetical question here.

If someone is single and works hard and has a great salary, and let’s say he gives his khums and sadaqa and fulfills his religious duties.

If he were to spoil himself by buying a fancy watch (say 25000 dollar price tag) or by buying an expensive suit/tie/shoes (say 3000 dollar price tag) but these are things he will use daily or weekly, or leasing a 1200/ month car, or living in a 1.8 million dollar home, is that extravagance considered haram? Can someone splurge on themselves or does he have to pay a kaffarah type fee for spending excessively?

Would these actions be considered selfish even though he is completing his religious duty to the needy? Any insight is greatly appreciated

No it’s not haram. One can enjoy such halal blessings. However, is it recommended? No, because such things naturally make you love this materialistic life more, and this weakens one’s spirituality. It makes one less prepared for the Hereafter. So it’s not haram, but honestly it’s better to avoid it. This is what we learn from Imam Ali (a).

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