I acknowledge that masturbation is considered a sin in Islam generally and under normal circumstances. However, what should a man do if he experiences libido but not towards women (or men for that matter). Since I lack sexual desire for women, having a relationship with women could potentially falter due to lack of attraction, thus not having a capability to initiate a sexual relationship with someone due to disappointment from the other partner.

What should one do in this case regarding their sexual desire but cannot get into a sexual relationship with a potential wife because of lack of attraction?

Would I never have the opportunity to release my 'sexual tension' since there is no feasible halal outlet for me due to the lack of the yearning for a sexual relationship with a woman?

I completely understand that in Islam, if one is capable of having a sexual relationship with a woman. Masturbation is prohibited. But what about people that cannot relase their sexual tension because they have no ability to form a sexual relationship due to lack of attraction?

Would it be permissible for these people to masturbate (as long as it does not become a habit) as they do not have no other outlet for this 'release' of sexual tension?

Do give me the absolute truty regarding this. I did speak to a scholar regarding this, but I did not reveal details such as the potential disappoint from partners and the lacking of sexual attraction.

May Allah guide us to the truth inshallah.

Masturbation is forbidden and for the one who has no wife the semen will eventually release from your body naturally via nocturnal dream.