I am 19 years old currently studying and my issues is this that I have very severe anger issue that has also diverted me from Deen. I have started denying Islam it seems like I have become an atheist. Whenever someone talk to me about Islam I get so angry. Whenever I hear Quran recitation somewhere, I get angry and frustrated. I have not prayed for past several months. I have even started disrespecting my parents. I know I doing wrong but I don’t know why I can’t control myself from doing so pease help me with this and tell me what should I do to come out of it

I recommend the following:

1- About an hour before sunrise, smell fresh air from outside and take deep breaths. As you take deep breaths, say “La ilaha illa Allah.”

2- First thing in the morning eat some honey or 7 raisins.

3- When you feel anger do wudhu.

4- Do sujud for 2-3 minutes whenever you are able to and with a deep breath say “subhana rabbial a’la wa behamdeh” several times.

5- Read this Dua daily:

‎آمنت بالله وبرسوله مخلصا له الدين

May Allah help you and bless you.