I am a 22 year old female that wants to get married but I hear so many things about guys that are in a relationship, drinks/smokes, doesn’t work, or not in the straight path. I want to know how can I get to know someone the Islamic way to make sure they are a person with deen and akhlaq. I have made a list of characteristics that I want in that person. I don’t know how am I supposed to meet someone or even talk to someone. I don’t want to do anything haram or go against Allah’s way in finding a spouse.

Some recommendations:

1- In public programs (can be religious programs like youth groups or retreats), observe and try to see if the guy seems to have a good character. Then investigate by asking people in your community about him. Have someone ask his friends to evaluate him. If all indications are positive try to get to know him and see if there is an opportunity.

2- Go to some community members who know a lot of people and work with people. Tell them you are interested in getting married and ask them if they can recommend someone. Once they recommended someone investigate about the person and see if there is an opportunity.