I am a homosexual man, I am only attracted to men since my childhood and I am 2X now, I have tried a lot to change my sexual orientation, but it’s not in my hands. My family wants me to marry a girl. I am afraid how can I marry a girl if I am not attracted to her in any way, how could I be able to keep her happy with me? I will ruin her life. I am depressed, I pray five times and ask Allah to show me the right path. I don’t have any feelings for girls. Please help me with what should I do

1- Know that the presence of homosexual feelings is not haram. Acting on those feelings and engaging in homosexual acts is haram. Try to protect yourself from any homosexual acts, even if it’s not easy. Resist your urges and Allah will reward you for that.

2- As for this girl, if you really cannot feel any attraction towards her, and you believe you won’t be able to consummate the marriage with her, then don’t marry her. As you said, she will become miserable. Don’t tell your parents you have homosexual feelings (if they don’t know), and just come up with an excuse to not marry the girl.

3- Don’t give up. Keep praying to Allah and try seeking different kinds of therapy to avoid any homosexual practices.