I am a revert to islam and live with my parents which are both atheists and against Islam. I live in France where hijab isnt allowed at school or work. I am not wearing hijab but I am wearing modest clothing. I asked my parents if I could wear hijab and they refused, saying that if I do so they would kick me out of the house. I am financially depending on them. My parent’s biggest wish, is for me to finish my education at the university so I have 3 years left to study in France and then I will be financially independent and free to move to a Muslim country and wear hijab.
It means that during these 3 years left, I won’t be able to wear hijab. According to my situation, am I committing sin by not wearing the hijab ?
Because if I start wearing it now, the consequences will be so bad for me, kicked out of the house, no education, and no more good relationship with my parents.
What should I do ?

If you fear for your life and your well-being then you can practice what is known as Taqqiyya (dissimulation). Hence in this instance you can’t hide your faith and not wear hijab. But you should wear hijab anywhere you can as much as possible where it doesn’t involve any harm to you