I am a student and working part-time for a fintech company as a software developer. Most of our customers are banks, in the development we do make features for the Debit/Credit/Loan department of Banks which is completely based on the western financial system(eg. Interest, insolvency etc..). So i wanted to ask, as we know that the financial/insurance system of western Banks are completely based on Haram profiting. For eg. The CEO of the company himself said once " that during corona when companys went into bankruptcy/insolvency and they became defaulters, or when people get divorced and go into bankruptcy, the Bank's software requires more features and maintenance and we inturn get paid more for that" so is my earning as a software developer halal?

Directly supporting haram businesses and transactions is not permissible. However, if you are creating a software that can be used in a halal way, then it’s permissible to make such software even if those companies will use it in a haram way (i.e. earn interest). Yes, if your software can only be used to collect haram interest then it would not be permissible to make it and sell it to such companies.