I am a student of unity college lucknow, India. In my school most of the students are involved in the sinful act of masturbation. All of them are Shia too. They seek my help asking how to get rid of this immoral habit. Please suggest some measures by which they could solve this problem.

Tell them

-Limit looking at the women especially lustful looks because such piles up the hormones and semen is produced in larger quantities
– Avoid eating things that produce sex hormones
– Excersise to burn those fats which produce such hormones

Religious factors
-When done istighfaar needs to be done immediately when ever done
-Fast as much as possible for it kills those hormones
-Recite sura of naas when ever the urge to do masterbation rises. More than that even if such is not there recite frequently as much as possible it stops the satanic thoughts immediately