I am a student who is in his final year of high school and I wish to go for howza to become a learned jurist. Though, due the situation I am in it is difficult for me to make a decision on when to go for howza. Either one of the two ways:
-Finish my college then leave for howza studies
-Finish my college then further pursue my university then leave for howza studies
Neither me nor my parents know which which decision could be of more benefit so if you can please shed light on this matter and advise me. My parents say that i have to be literate as of the current era and do not conflict with the matter that i may be able to save up money for my university tuition then go for howza immediately after college. Which will allow me to to take care of myself in the future along with the help of my brothers and parents. They also believe that if i were to go for university first my degree would not be of much use due to me having been studied in howza. I would request your humbled advice

Whether you study at Hawza or at university is not that much important rather you have to maintain your religion and religious values. Of course Hawza is a better place where you could do that easily if you have selected the right wing. Going Hawza just after high school is neither possible nor a good a good idea. But if you are planning to the go there it’s better to join Hawza after your intermediate certification atleast. But if you can afford and manage your responsibilities for your family, then moving to Hawza at this stage is worth because you can join you hawza without any tension regarding your economic situation. Allah is the Best planner.

These discussions relate to you if you are planning to go to Qom (Islamic Seminary) then it would work otherwise if you are planning to join any local Hawza inside the Pakistan then it better to join it in your young age.