I am about to get Married if Allah wills.
I am trying to gain some advices from some of the scholars.

My questions are:

1) Please advice some rituals and Duas(if there is any) during, before and right after the wedding (prescribed by our Imams(AS) and our spiritual scholars)

2) I have an anger problem and I feel it hard to bond with people. I am also unemployed(living on my Family). Can you suggest some dua/A'amal to make quick bonding, suppress my anger and to get a Halal profession easily.

3) Can you provide me some advices which you think are the most important for a healthy sustainable marriage for me.

1- Some recommended Du’as and prayers:



2- In the morning, after the Fajr prayer, put your hand on your heart and say 70 times يا فتاح Ya Fattah. Allah will open new paths for you.

Some tips for anger management:


Also, pray Salat al-Layl. It will help you with bonding.

3- Some quick tips for a successful marriage:

One: try as best as you can not to involve the in-laws

Two: always be able to communicate well with your wife. Never say “I don’t want to discuss it.” You are both on one team. See her as part of your time.

Three: it’s not important who is right or wrong. What’s important is what works. Make it work, even if she was wrong.

Four: every single day say words of love to her. It will mean a lot to her.

Five: pray jama’a together at home, and read Du’a Kumayl or Nudbah together.

Six: never engage in character assassination or take things personal. If she did something wrong, talk about the action, but don’t question her character.

Seven: spend quality time with her.

Eight: always maintain physical intimacy. It must be frequent and regular.