I am angry with my parents since a month, and at the same time,they are also angry with me. I dont want this situation but every time , the things happen unintentionally , a week passes in this state and after that no one talks to each other because of ego. I am afraid that I am being cursed by Allah, Imam and angels in this state.
My question is, is it true that a person in this situation is cursed and the prayers and ibadat of such person is not accepted? Even due to such thoughts I often dont offer prayers or in other words i am being deprived from namaz and divine guidance. If I feel sorry for my act but dont appologize to them, am I forgiven by Allah?

As you know Islam emphasises strong respect to Parents
It’s essential they are not hurt or annoyed if possible, unless it’s because of obedience to Allah.
Qur’an says we should not say ‘uff’ at the very least.
So you should seek forgiveness from them and try your best, even if they’re wrong
But you should never stop prayers etc
You perform Salah and try your best not to have fights with your parents and please them. This will please Allah (swt)