I am asking this question for a friend of mine. Once he and his friend where driving a scooter/bike. His friend hit a woman who was driving her car. So he crashed into the car, and the fault was his friends. They both got scared. He (my friend) fled but came back to the accident. When he came back he saw his friend wasn’t there, so he asked the women that where his friend was, and she said that he was inside this building. When my friend went in the building, he suggested to his friend that they fled together, and so they did. Even though it wasn’t him that had crashed into the women and her car, he suggested that they should flee. So he feels that all the haram is put on his shoulders in qiyama. He wants to know how he can repent from this, and what the punishment for this is. And that he in any way can get shafaa’t?

If there’s any way to compensate the person who’s car has been damaged then that is the best thing to do.

If not, then give sadaqah and ask for forgiveness insha Allah he would be forgiven by Allahs will