I am bleeding from past one year, and I forget about the starting date and my cycle was disturbed from the puberty. I generally bleed for 15 days and my mother's cycle is of 8 days, my sister's cycle is also different. In that one year, once the bleeding stpped for 10 days, and then after that it restarted, then generally one or two gaps were there

If you have bleeding and after which 10 days of being paak and it restarts again and has the conditions of Haydh, then it would be Haydh and the number of days it runs for can be used as a guide. However if you don't have any days of being paak and as you said that you usually used to have a lot of bleeding during your normal periods prior to this current situation, every month you can keep 10 days as Haydh and 20 days as istihadha.