I am currently in search of a wife who is religious, mature, compatible with me, and hijab wearing. I have been strict on searching for only hijab wearing spouses, is this ok? Should I not be so strict on hijab as long as she is religious and modest otherwise?

The criteria for marriage in Islam is that the boy or girl but be religious.Now it must be cleared that what does it mean by Religious?A religious person is the one who follows the religion with his/her own free will and restrict to the rituals set by religion. Therefore anyone to whom we can call a religious person must be practicing Muslim. Now if a person is called a practicing Muslim it means he/she follows all obligations (wajib) and restraint from impermissible act( Haram) this includes Hijab also ( for women) and Modesty for both ( men &women). One of the major impacts of the modesty is that women must follow the hijab and men should lower his gaze while having contact with non mahram women.
If your criteria for marriage is that woman must follow the Hojab it means she must have modesty and it’s a good thing.
But in general normally people they say if you are a modest person then it’s enough and no need to have a traditional hijab i mean wearing veil (for women) that is totally a wrong concept because we have to follow the practice which has been set by Shariya (Islamic laws) also just wearing hijab is not enough for any women if she is unfortunately not having modesty.
Therefore for any women and men modesty is the most required thing with practical conditions ie women must follow Hijab while men should lower their gaze .