I am facing some type of waswasa from a long time. sometimes I overcome them but sometimes they just torture me mentally.. Almost a year ago, I attracted towards Islam, and at that time I was very happy, I could feel Love of Maula Ali and Ahlul Bait AS but also I started to increase my knowledge. Due to lack of knowledge, I was very confused and got surrounded by doubts and then I think that I am loosing my Eman. This waswasa till now torture me like I am loosing my Emaan and (nauzbillah) am with the enemies of Ahlul bait and it tortured me most and it give rise to a new waswasa as whenever I pray to God that May I be the part of the army of Imam of our time, the waswasa comes to my mind that I will be his enemy. Even now these waswasa disturb me in my Namaz I can’t focus, during Namaz the waswasa came to my mind. Sometimes I feel helpless

I recommend the following:

1- Every day say La ilaha illa Allah 100 times

2- Read this Dua: آمنت بالله وبرسوله مخلصاً له الدين

3- Read this as well;
هو الأوّل والآخر والظاهر والباطن وهو بكلّ شيء عليم

4- And this:
توكّلت على الحيّ الذي لا يموت والحمد لله الذي لم يتّخذ ولداّ ولم يكن له شريك في الملك ولم يكن له وليّ من الذلّ وكبّره تكبيراً

لا إله إلّا الله محمّد رسول الله عليّ أمير المؤمنين

أعوذ بالله القويّ من الشيطان الغوي وأعوذ بمحمّد صلى الله عليه وآله الرضي من شرّ ما قدر وقضي وأعوذ باله الناس من شرّ الجنّة والناس أجمعين

5- Wash head with Sidr water if you can. Sidr water is made from the leaves of Sidr tree (lotus tree)
Those mosques which wash the dead should have them. You can ask them.

6- Increase your knowledge. The best way to dispel doubts is to increase your knowledge.