I am getting away from Deen. You can say I was attracted towards atheism but somehow I saved my self from that but now I don’t take religion serious. I really want to get close to my religion and practice it but I am unable to do so. Any guidance in that regard will be highly appreciated

I recommend the following:

1- Increase your knowledge. With more knowledge, you will gain more interest in religion. I recommend taking online seminary courses such as the ones offered by hujjahseminary.com. The more you increase your knowledge the more you will find interest.

2- Remind yourself that Allah is the source of all beauty in the universe. He’s the source of all power. He’s the source of all richness. Whatever you want, it’s actually found in Allah. When you worship Allah, you are connecting yourself to the source of all richness in the universe. This motivates you

3- Before you sleep, take a deep breath and say La ilaha illa Allah several times. It helps

4- Remind yourself that one day we will all leave this world. We cannot take anything with us. It’s only our spirituality, good deeds and love of God that will comfort us