I am getting bad thoughts for everyone and I am not able to control my brain of thinking what should I do I didnt even cried on 10th Moharram masyeb because of all bad thoughts I don't know what to do

Being aware of your thoughts is a very good way to start controlling them.
Scholars suggest reciting
'la hawla wa la Quwwata illa billahil Aliyyil Azeem' to be recited everyday after the morning prayer and night prayer seven times before which every lahawla, one should also recite Bismillahirrahmanirraheem.

InshAllah if you hate these recurring thoughts and try your best to control them with dua and struggle on your part, Allah will surely help you overcome them in no time.
Keep yourself busy with healthy activities and also exhaust your energy with lots of exercise and healthy sleep. Eat the right foods which is a balanced diet for your body temperament. You can search on that for youself.
Be in good company who remind you of Allah. Listen to good lectures online and try your best to shed tears in privacy. Be sure you will. The fact that you couldn't cry for imam Hussein a.s doesn't mean you dont love him, rather your concern shows your love for Imam Hussein a.s and he himself will help you if you ask for everything through his wasila inshAllah.
Read Quran before sleeping even if it be a page with the translation.
InshAllah your mind will have good food for thought and you will realize there's so much to life than just wasting it on evil sinful thoughts.