I am getting married soon and I want to know responsibilities of a man and a woman.

The legal obligations:

1- Husband must provide for his wife financially (food, shelter, clothing, expenses, etc…)

2- Husband must spend spend the night with his wife at least once every four nights (unless she relinquishes this right).

3- The wife must make herself physically available to her husband whenever he wants (unless she had a medical excuse).

4- She cannot leave the house if leaving the house means that the husband’s right of physical intimacy would not be fulfilled—unless he gives her permission to leave.

Moral rights:

Husband cannot oppress, yell or hit his wife. Wife should please her husband and obey him, in order to promote a healthy marital state.

It’s recommended for the wife to do house chores, but it’s not mandatory. It’s recommended for the husband to save his best Akhlaaq and attitude for his wife, to treat her kindly, and to overlook/forgive her mistakes or shortcomings.

Note: a husband cannot force his wife to do anything (such as going to visit his family, or do shopping, or anything else).