I am hoping you can answer the below question regarding umrah mufradah as I have received conflicting answers.

If a man performs the optional umrah mufradah and when he returns to his home country, he attains absolute certainty that he forgot to perform wudhu before completing the some of the rites of umrah and thus he did NOT have wudhu when he performed tawaf of umrah, the 2 rakat of tawaf of umra, saiy(safa amd marwa) and taqseer but the man has absolute certainty that he DID perform wudu before he performed tawafun nisa of umrah and the 2 rakat of tawafun nisa of umrah so he is certain that his tawafun nisa is correct. As he did not have wudu for tawaf of umrah is he to be considered still in the state of ihram and his wife is haram for him until he either returns to makkah or appoints an agent to perform the umrah for him?

In summary he did not have wudhu in the following acts:

1. Tawaf of umrah mufradah
2. 2 rakaf salat of tawaf of umrah mufradah
3. Saiy
4. Taqseer

He did have wudhu for:
1. Tawafun nisa of umrah mufradah
2. 2 rakat Salat of tawafun nisa of umrah mufradah

You have to go back to Mecca and redo the Tawaf and the a’mal. If you are unable to go, you must send someone or ask someone there to do it on your behalf. And you are considered in ihram until it is performed. Do your best to go soon and Allah will compensate you.