I am in a very unhappy marriage. My husband has a lot of complains with me. I wear hijab but he complains I do not wear it properly and I admit I do not and this is a struggle many women share but InshaAllah I do wish to observe proper hijab. He always tells me I don’t fear Allah as sometimes my hair shows and he says he is only with me as Allah has sent him to me to fix me and make me good. He says I am disobedient to him and try to take authority in our relationship and says this is a sign of Yawm Al Qayammah.

We have different mindsets and beliefs I believe men and women are equals in relationships and I do have my own opinions so when we disagree on things he says I am disobedient. He constantly tells me that I am bad and compares me to other women and praises other women in front of me.

I feel very sad as I do not feel loved, respected or appreciated by my husband. I am very depressed and I have told him many times but he says depression can only be cured by praying and I do not pray enough that’s why I am depressed. I feel very hopeless in my situation and I am asking you for some help

I will pray for you and ask Allah to lift you from this sad and depressed state. Some suggestions:

1- Tell your husband: if you are a believer and fear Allah then take me under your wing. Treat me well. Show me the Akhlaaq of the Prophet (s) and Imams (a). Motivate me through positive ways, not by putting me down.

2- To deal with depression I recommend seeing the following:



3- Trying showing him more love so that hopefully he reciprocates and shows you more love.